you’ll never see it like you eatin’ pork with me.

So done deal. I handed over the envelope and sat there on the harbor steps a minute.
I thought about being 16 and being heartbroken the way a 16 year old does that–wrecked.
I was taking like 3 baths a day just to have something to do so I wouldn’t freak out. So, I was
in the bathtub freaking out and the thought hit me that if I wanted to I could never see the girl
that had broken my heart again. To 16 year old me that idea was so freeing and calming it would be
like shaking an etch-a-sketch on a bad drawing.

It isn’t like that now, but it made me think of that. The whole world shrinks as you get older and some
people just become so part of you that they could die or fall off the edge of the earth and still be with you in your brain everyday.
That rapper I like ,KRS-1’s dj died early early on and he hasn’t made an album since without his post mortem pals
name all over it.

In that way there’s a couple people with me everyday. I’ll never draw a comic without David in it. Jenny is there too, good
or bad all over my brain. It’s good. The jenny in my brain is a shit talker though.

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