Big ups

So I’m up waiting for the UPS guy that I missed yesterday. It’s some package from my porn publisher. Man, ups is like x mas russian roulette. I hope I don’t get socks.
I think it could be ;
1. Porn
2 my porn (yawwwn boring )
3 loot from my vast royalties
4 a crystal skull and a map
5 an amulet that controls the dead.
6 some kind of certificate of ownership, I’m thinking for a race horse whose owner deeply loved horses and pornographic comic books (there’s such a crossover ) Who decided on his death bed that I was best suited to take care of his beloved ” nancy writecart” or is it cartwrite, I can never remember where to put the cart with a horse .

So excited, I’m gonna run downstairs in my footie pajamas and see if it’s under the tree yet.

Hmmm I think ups delivery peeps should dress like santa but you know still with the UPS colors

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