Dear mcgriddle sandwich,

It’s earlier than I like to be up but here I am. When I am older and wiser I will sleep with the phone turned off.

The thing that’s been nagging at the back of my head this week is how chucky cheese is the least cool thing ever. This might just be my leftover resentment from being too tall to go in the ball pit, and as an adult people tell you how it was gross and full of dirty diapers and sharp sticks but those fuckers that’ve told me that still got to go in the ball pit. So chucky cheese is a bastard and the least cool mascot animal ever with his stupid helmet and elbow pads. I think the best mascot ever is the hams bear cause he brings up all the warm feelings of the A&w bear and the iceeee polar bear but the hams bear is drunk and inertubing. He is the spuds mckenzie of mascot bears. I also love spuds mckenze (origonal pary animal and whatnot) Although he’s obviously a date rapist.

I’ve got more therapy today, I had homework, So now I’ve got like 3 hours to write about how my family and up bringing might have affected me……man.
oh, and the ups package the other day, just tranny porn. I was hoping for a crystal skull.

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