you are, no say backs.

Man that bill and rosemary can throw a bbq though.

Ok so you know how I never have good dreams eva? well it rains/pours.

First I dreamed that I was surrounded by tiny pilsbery dough boy type dudes with swirls for faces (just like ghosts in one of coreys comix) anyway, they were there to take care of me and tuck me in and comb my hair in the morning. nice dudes, probly not unionized.

Then I dreamed about a comic book that was about a dark and mysterious island and each page had a big drawing of the island and little panels of the terrible things that would go on there. The comic ended with a police report closing the place off. then the last last page was an alien police report (in my dream it was a green lantern report –comic book space police ) that said that the island was purchased by lord Kubular of the purple nebula. And the page was a drawing of a godzilla sized alien dude standing on the island, and the island had an open mouth and a tail that was raising up in the ocean behind it.

That might’ve been the first good night of dreams in my life. cha-ching.

In other news I suck at pool and can’t drink.

Also I’m going in for more hospital shit on halloween, just to get checked up. but man there’s something ominous about that. If I don’t see the lights flickering then at the other end of the hall a pale childs ghost i’m gonna want my money back. I should rent some horror hospital films

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