like a hammock in a knife fight

So a couple days ago i saw that 28 weeks later. Dude, I feel like something in that
over explains the zombies in a way to clinical. “it’s an evil monkey rage virus” kind of way.
I want that even less than the other side of the scale showing voodoo dooodes raising the undead for
voodoo hoo dooo. Zombies are like love, you shouldn’t try to explain it it just is what it is.

I’m very upset at the notion that I’ll probly never get to see how I’d do in a xombie crisis.
It’s one of those things you could lord over everyone else forever. It’d be the new nam, also the new black. In everyday casual conversation “oh, you were in the safety bunkers, sounds cushy. I was 3 days on top of a pile of the undead fighting my way trough with just my wits and a pool cue. but yeah the bunkers must’ve been nice, did they have a good selection of teas?”In the movies it’s way too random, I feel like in say a Tremors the people that had their wits about them made it through but in the end graboids(tremors underground muther humpers) are a cake walk compared to the walking dead. I did a cake walk once and won a cake.

I like in that day of the dead where the guys that make it out of the bunker (different bunker)
we’re all bizz casss 4077 hawkeye mash type dudes that spent their days on lawn chairs making martinis and painting palm trees on the bunker wall, not for it’s artistic merit but purely as a licence to chill.
In a xombie crisis i’d want a lawn chair. I know you want it but in the end a hamock is just gonna mess you up.

I’ve been drawing lots t shirt designs for a Germany based hip hop company. Last night was more 4 fingered ring wearing pimps and girls with sneakers covering their so and so bits. I feel as though I’m channeling the “doin’ the butt or the who farted t shirt dudes of yesteryear. dude maybe i’ll be able to do a new who farted shirt design. I would have that put on my grave stone.
Then EVERYONE will know who it was.

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