The other night I got to hang out with some of my lady’s family that are big wig brain scientists. They were talking about studying 2 types of Voles (little mouse like dudes)one type that was monogamous and the other vole-whores. They found that they had differences in their brains influencing all this. The monogamy Voles had more receptors for oxytosin(the males had some other chemical that was similar), a chemical that for one thing is released on orgazm and makes people more trusting.

Apparently you can buy the stuff to snort in europe.

Makes me wonder how much of what we do is chemical or for that matter just a reaction to something. man, good thing I’m above all that shit.

I’m doing a scene in King city 2 right now that shows the main dudes whole day hour by hour jumping from location to location. so the panels have to be all dense in conveying a whole scene by themselves.

Makes me think of the value of the page, like how some dudes pace stuff so much denser so
each page or panel has to convey more. I’m in canada this week where american loot is worth less than their monpoly money so it makes me think of this stuff.

another thing I was thinking about was this idea my pal David used to talk about .How different artists run off a youthful energy but when you reach a certain age you have to run it a little differently, get more zen about things.

And how some artists just can’t match what they used to be while others just get better late in life. I think american comics are almost made to make youthful burnouts. Which is sad cause comix isn’t gymnastics you should get better at it the longer you do it.
Jeff Mason, The dude that runs Alternative comix that put out my Escalator book used to say something like “take your time we’re not making sandwiches” But most editors seem to have more of a “hurry up you’re keeping me from sandwiches” additude.

I was thinking about how a young Paul Pope had all this aesthetic of fur coats and coon skin caps, thick coffee and clove cigarettes and now he’s moved away from all that but I don’t think he’s replaced it with anything. I feel like sneaking in and stealing the hats and fur coats like “you weren’t using them”

In the fron of my sketchbook I have a list of what age Moebius was when did various books:
37–started Metal Hurlant
38–airtight garage
47–Gardens of Aedana
50–silver surfer

I like that stuff, I’m almost 31 and It makes me feel like I’m barely started in this.
WU tang mutherfuckers!

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