Space the space

Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!


Yesterday was my birthday ,31. It feels more of an event than 30.
I’m so adult now. If I was a bookstore you’d have to show ID to get in.

For the last 2 years I’ve managed to be out of town on this
day. Seattle is bad for birthdays.

I rented some new stright to video Futurama movie (it was aight)
and Marian made me a stuffed King city cat.
Then indian food and drawing. I was gonna continue my long run of watching every
star trek TNG in a row but the next episode tasha yarr dies and I didn’t wanna darken
an other wize golden day. She’s pretty much killed by the TNG version of the Dark crystal Skeksis, the extracted evil from one sooper advanced race. Super advanced races that extract all their evil and give it physical form are jerks. There I said it.

Now it’s almost 8 at night and I have yet to put on a shirt. But I’m making comix
and sometimes that’s a shirtless activity. Everyone knows that.

Here’s the first page of the new Multiple Warheadz book I’m working on.
I was reading more about Russia as I do to pilfer story ideas and I read about a
forest they’ve got called “the lungs of europe” I like the sound of that.

So that’s that. I’m going back to seattle’s dicecat soon.
Hopefully I’ll get to see my Canadian people before I get out of here.

Oh, I also found out that Rob Liefeld has the sword from the first Conan on his
wall. I know he’s a shit artist and all that, but all I’ve ever heard about him as
a dude is that he reads Sharknife and has the Conan sword. those are 2 good things.
Plus he loves drawing veins.


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