shade and sweet water

I’m back in Seattle.

I’ve been watching cheezy movies like I was Joel on the satellite of love:
In Die hard 4 the bad guys were all “tie her wrists’
–“oh they’re tieherists”

It’s that level of bad pun that is my bread and butter and
James Stokoe turns towards me and says “Brandon, this is the rest of our lives.”


James was drawing an ork comic with a fighting Kiwi in it and him and Sheldon
got into it about if a Fighting Kiwi should have a long or short beak.
To settle it, Marian made beaks and taped them to their faces for them to test out.

The pictures are kind of one sided James got some good Kiwi jabs in before he was taken down. Also I dunno how fair the test was since Sheldon is a bigger dude, and from Austrailia, wich is basicly like growing up in prison.
“that’s not a knoife”

In the end I think the bird ended up with a long beak and a top hat.
Maybe that’s some kind of weird compromise.

Aside from that I’ve just been drawing.
I did 2 big pictures on wood for a gallery show at BLVD in belltown on
friday. The theme is Heaven and hell or good vs evil or something.
So I drew an old car with some dead animals tied to it for the bad and a blonde girl wearing a “Heven hell puss” shirt sitting on a dinosaur for good. I’m still finishing that one.

Here’s where I’m at with the comix:
King city 2–a third done
Multiple warheadz 2—puttering along

I just read James Wonton soup (the for real printed version) I was there when he drew it but man I got more into reading it than I thought. It’s rough cause he’s on a lot of the same kicks as me and when the universe catches on to how fast he turns out pages I’m gonna be that dude that draws like James Stokoe.

Tottaly unrelated, I’ve been kicking around a new more raymond chandler, Murakami style thing called “rain like hammers” I wonder if I can do a book without a pun someday.

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