Good morning kids.

Sweet Corey Lewis was saying something the other day about how you have to convince people that your art is an ocean liner that they don’t wanna miss.
I like the idea of that. “someone on this boat is the killer”

Maybe the comics scene that I’m part of in Seattle, is more like the Principality of Sealand, the millatary Tower 6 miles off the coast of England that was taken over and declaired a country. I was just reading the wikapedia page about how it’s unrecognized by the UN. I guess the UN in this case would be the comix journal?

I revel in the fact that the vast majority of this art form is done by kids in dirty little appartments. And the more money you throw at it the worse comix you tend to get.
Like how In the early 90’s those image books that were pulling in serious loot all felt like b-movies, I would go to the library and pull out the huge books on india and china, the library is big budget comix. National Geographic is like the secret ingrediant in making books for me. I don’t even mean the photo reference but the ideas.
It’s all chocked full of SCIENCE and the best photos ever. If you threw some girls pillow fighting in there it would glow and levitate it’d be so perfect.

So here’s some of the new ink and paper magic I’ve been trying to pull out of this can of beans lifestyle:

A buch of cut up panels from the King city 2. At the end is a picture of me dead in a bath tub from some old student film made in Becky Cloonans dirty little appartment in the old NYC days. I stole it offa the other roomate Vanessas live so and so

And here’s a picture of my characters that my girl, Marian drew for me.
Not to be a dick or anything but my girlfriend draws so much better comix than yours.

She’s got some of her new stuff up on this thing:

Aight it’s time to draw. today it’s a drug scene from king city 2 with more Korean flashbacks, 20 foot tall 16 armed xombie queen mothers. and then hopefully I’ll be able to do a pin up for the new Barnaby Ward book.SIXTEEN MILES TO MERRICKS (it’s awesome) and then if I pull a hat trick a silverhawks picture for my bff.

and that’s my side of life in these comic book trenches.
They might want a pound of flesh but they wont get a Graham.
semper fi!!

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