SO I’ve been reading lots the best comix of 2007 lists, really just looking for my books. Anyway, rather than writing a best of list for this aight’ year in comix I think I’d rather make the list of if I ran this universe WITH AN IRON FIST, AND CONTROLLED THE VERY FABRIC OF SPACE AND TIME.

this would be my list:

Corey Lewis: Gay surfing epic.

Ross Campbell- Story about insane clown posse kids
ie juggalos playing mortal combat in their moms basements and
hanging out in the parking lot talking about cyborgs.

Farel Dayrymple-Pop gunwarrr 2 chop chop

Tomer Hanuka-crazy war comix, where laid back Israeli dudes sip black tea while bombs explode in the distance.

James Jean- to do his electra assassin style comic.
written by Rick spears. maybe something about a girl with
the infant reincarnation of mao growing in her chest replacing her heart.

becky cloonan-zines about fat kids on a road trip listening to
smooth jazz.

and Just big good books from dudes like Tom herpich and
Sheldon Vela And D-pi and Pope would be awesome again
and Moebius would finish the aedeana cycle
and I would break Masumune Shirow’s computer over my knee.
and canonball would go back to having a big nose like when
sienkewitz drew him.

and uh last call 2 from vassilis..
and I need that 3rd blacksad book in engrish
And a FUCKING david linder graphic novel.

that’s all I can think of and my lady needs brunch.
so with a flourish of my big red tetsuo cape I leave the balcony and the
cheering crowds. “Bring me peeled grapes to eat off the back of mariska hargitay!!”

And since David put up his best youtubery
I can’t fully compete but these are the best I’ve seen:

next time maybe ill put up a fucking drawing.
Comic level: aight.

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1 Response to EMPIRE OF EVIL!!

  1. mikey907 says:

    “Bring me peeled grapes to eat off the back of mariska hargitay!!”

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