So first off I found a site that has all the old manga bathed in moebius –howard and nester comix from nintendo power, the art’s so good.
and another site that has the dudes role playing art.

I’ve been puttering along on the good ship King city 2.
Today the bat phone rang to tell me that the Meathaus SOS book needs to
launch. I am an absentee co editor and in the end all I’m gonna
be able to do for the book is a couple color 2 page spreads and the introduction.
The book looks so fucking good. Tom Herpich, Farel Dayrimple, Tomer Hanuka, James Jean
James Stokoe, Corey Lewis, Marian Churchland, Ross Campbell, D-pi, sheldon vela, chris McD ect ect ect. (im sure I mispelled every name i listed.)

My half finished “foot prince on another world” will have to go to another book.
Maybe the collected Universe so big, that I’m hoping on getting out later this year.

I’ve been thinking about the bad feelings the term Proffesssional has with comix in my head.
It’s like a pro at sex, say a hooker isn’t exactly making love and I know a grip of unpublished or barely published artists that could kill the top selling dudes in comix.
The top dudes in comix arent exactly making love to comix(no kissing on the mouth!)
I mean I know that that has more to do with how much you draw more so than how well, I’m just saying.

I really shouldn’t bitch, the state of comix is doing ok. but dude, I just read that old Fellini and Manara, Trip to Tulum book,(snapoaz looks like my pal Farel) really amazing comix. I wish we had more books like that coming out today. I don’t even really know what’s going on in europe aside from Blacksad. Anyway, old manara really gets me inspired like nuthin else. He was so into playing with what could be done, like in the great adventure where Hugo Pratt is the guide and he goes into how little he’d have to change to switch how the main dude and a girl were drawn.

Man, Manara worked with Pratt and Felini! I can’t even name any other ittalians.
Did he ever do any books with Pavoratti or mussolini?

That reminds me, try to name a chinese woman more famous than chun li.
there isnt one. it’s rough.

One last thing– I wanted to see what you dudes thought of the idea of running a letters column in future Multiple warheadz issues? It’s not gonna be coming out that frequently, at least for the next year or so and I dont know how necessary it is with this internet up and running. I wanted to do something like my teenage memories of the back pages of old Cerebus and Poison elves books. anyway thought? feelings?

above is what I drew just before Midnight yasterday.
It’s marian drawing.
and one of my new favorate dudes to draw in King city 2.
His name is toast, I think he looks like if the cat was human.

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