Thick as Thieves

Here’s a 2 page thing I drew for the new Meathaus SOS.
It’s my pal Tom Herpich in it who’s in India right now fighting off wild street dogs.

Today was meeting Robin (Cinema sewer) and Robin (inkstuds) then HOTWINGS.
Life is good.
I got 3 new Cinema sewer related books. gold.
and some other comics that I have yet to read.
Gipi: They found the car.
Lucha libre annnnd
Much the Millers son by Steve Lecouilliard.
they look good. I like comic books, I dunno if I’ve been clear about that. I think I need more old conan magazines soon. That stuff is like air and water some days.

Last night I stayed up until 8 in the morning listening to Beowulf on tape at some 24 hour coffee shop. I did a King city page and drew Manara’s Honey character from Butterscotch.
I know she looks lots like any of his other characters but when she or Bergman show up in a story I get all excited.

I was told today that Marara is doing some x men thing with Chris Claremont.
This is as bad as Moebius working with stan lee.I know that silver surfer had fine fine Moebius art so I shouldn’t bitch. I wish they’d just have dudes that have proven themselves to be good solid writters write their own shit not team them up with the most embaressing americans they can find. I’m sure it’ll be cool because it’s manara but it feels like having audrey tautou on hee haw,

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