Keep it moving.

” Now they will know why they are afraid of the dark. Now they learn why they fear the night.”

oh hey,

It’s all long nights drawing comix and mornings of muffins and star trek on my end of the map.

Here’s another new picture I did for the Meathaus SOS book. This one’s the Lady Marian with the sword I gave her for x mas. The idea with these pictures is on some comic artist as nerd ronin kick. Finished comix are sharks and current projects are the beast you are hunting.
I drew this one way too big for scanning. on 3 taped together 11×17 pages.
She caught the skark with earl grey tea, cause that shit is hard to find on the ocean floor, aparently sharks can’t get enough of it. (Not your sharks Corey, they drink x-tream energy drinks and lava.)

The other thing I wanted to throw up here is my idea for the new gold standard for rateing things:
The Conan scale. I think it will replace all other systems that things are judged by.
It just makes more sense, it’s like the fucking meric system.
It works like this, BEHOLD!:
–The first Conan movie is the MOST conan. 3 swords because it’s awesome.
You don’t even have enough hands for this!
–Conan, the destroyer is a little less because it’s a cheezy movie with no Subotai.
–Red Sonja is barely conan because even though Schwarzenegger is in it they call him Kalidor.
plus he wears a big weird cod peice.
and lower than that is the Devil wears prada because it’s got no conan at all in all. ever.

With that said. My favorate conan is the 80’s savage sword magazines. I hate the new DH conan, They’re all painted looking and pretty. I’ve always felt that conan should look like it was inked with a leg of mutton.

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