it’s now or never drought

That part of comix that is the boarders amd fill in lines the excess detal I call washing dishes. I’m over at sweet James stokoe and Muggles z place today washing dishes while we watch a stack of fine films.

James is doing a Drug issue of Won ton soup and I got drugs in the next Multiple w-heads so we were thinking about having someking of drug themed logo we could slap on each book.
we just need a name. I’m thinking it should have a picture of a siringe going in an eye.

I’m reading that new translation of the last unfinished Appleseed book. It’s really impressive but it’s funny how whenever Shirow goes into ESWAT tactics or his fictonal politics I just gloss over. I do think that Shirow is kind of a facist that would love a police state. Just roll around in it like a pig in hot yogurt. I swear he draws some of the best page layouts ever.
ever ever.

Dude, Mr Moritat pointed out this thing shirow does where he’ll have a bunch of action lines and blank space comming from start of a panel and then you see the charater or vielcle on the far end of the panel and it creates an impressive movement effect. ZOOoooooooooomm

My pal David called up from the orient the other day and we talked about how the end of Sex in the city, Friends and that infamously un-Conan film the Devil wears prada all end the same, with the main lady moving to Paris only to realize that everything she wants (job/love) is in NYC. I get the idea that it’s pushing the idea that you don’t want the fantasy when you’ve worked so hard for the reality, like some Yuppie pulling yourself up by your boot straps. I don’t like it. I’m all about the fantasy, I wanna move to paris and wear my pajamas all day and eat cerial whenever I want!

We also talked about how the american equevelant to that Naruto style “you can do anything if you work hard” is a kind of Last star fighter idea that you should spend all of your life on your ass and eventually it’ll turn out that you’re the chosen one. Entitlment.

Even in the blurb Pushing my King city book, Joe gets described as a dude with no purpose. It aint how I thought of him. I mean shit isn’t just getting by a good reason to live? i got comix and breathing that I gotta do and the rest is cake.

Anyway sorry to type your eyes off here’s some sexica with no pants:

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