Bear Creek Apartments

Of corse Godzilla is playing “back for good” by that evil shit band, take that.
We’ve watched that video like 10 times in the past day. As far as I can tell the editor must have been fucking with the band.
James put it up here, along with his names for the dances:

So, for some reason I think it’s ok to show up at my pals James and muggles place and just stay for 3 days in a row even though I live like 5 miles away. But I’ve been getting the work done and that’s all that matters. Right?

Oh hell yeah.

Plus as solitary as drawing comix is it is nice to do it along side your dudes.
It seems to be how I work best these days. Up in canada with my warrior woman and here in seattle with this dicecat army. Yesterday James threw me his page and said
“write this dialog.” He’d drawn a series of talking panels with no plan on what they were saying.
I like how much of comix is thinking on your feet. Has to be, design shit on the page as you go. best thing ever. Not love nor money but comix.

Here’s a drawing I did last week in Vancover BC. It’s far from the tits and explosions that
I like to bring to the world. But you know, bears.

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