Qu’est-ce que c’est ?

Soooooo my girl, Marian is on some finer things in life kick and decided to order
a big manly barbarian style fur off the internet.
In the process she managed to get test clippings mailed to her.
I think you all know what that means:

For some reason with a towel on my head and fake facial hair I come out looking like
the wizard Yanak from TV’s Dragon Warrior/quest.

like this:

man, that was a fine show. I think the original Akira Toriyama designs the main dude and girl were supposed to look like they were from india. Dark skin and dots on their foreheads, but by the time it hit the animation they took away the dots and lightened their skin making the main dude look just like dragon ball’s goku.

and here’s another one of Marian wearing a Tin tin in Vietnam shirt that I think was my brothers a million years ago.

All that mustachery aside the big big news is that King city just got picked up to be translated into FRENCH. That is a huge fucking deal for me.
c’est bon!

To celebrate here’s a saucy commission I just did. an immigrations officer seductress.

King city 2 is putterng along as always.
I’m doing a couple cons comming up:

Wondercon in San Francisco, February 22-24,
and Sakura-Con in Seattle, March 28-30
I should go as Yanak.

I just picked up a Robert Valley book. He seems like one of those artists that makes you a better artists by just looking at his stuff
He seems to be the rarest of animals, an artist who’s into shit I think is lame but is good enough to make it look cool.
Lower back tattoos on girls and fucking burning man. I think it’s because he’s british so it’s a compleatly different set of rules.

to end, here’s a reasonable dude I drew.

He will look you in the eye while taking a shit in the middle of an important business meeting and still come off as reasonable.

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1 Response to Qu’est-ce que c’est ?

  1. Allie says:

    Thiis is very interesting, You’re a very silled blogger.

    I have joined your rsss feed annd lpok fodward too seeking more of our wonderfgul post.
    Also, I’ve sharred yourr site inn mmy sockal networks!

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