YAK WIZE beyond my years

Dude, you know how cartoons in the new yorker have this weird thing to them?
How they’re never funny but they also never make sense.
Like,a couple siting in their living room and the man says to the woman
“keeping up with the jones’s just went to light speed.”

The other day I read one that I thought was good.
2 yaks are sitting in the snow and one says to the other
“Yak wize this is about as good as we can expect.”
Now that’s what I say whenever life seems especially good.

Yak wize things are good, Here’s a page and a half from King city 2:

My daywalker, James(allofmystrengths&noneofmyweakness)stokoe has been pushing the
idea that nuthing is scarier than a hammer for years. I finnaly broke and put a hammer in the hand of a rapist alligator.

Aside from King city and Multiple warheads and commisions I’m drawing a page of a greek comic written by Ilias kyriazis. I’m hyped about drawing a comic I wont be able to read.
and I’m also doing a cover for Hack/slash (ross cambel did one awhile ago too), It’s all sexy lady covered in blood, no one likes that stuff.

I was always baffled for years that no one had made han solo in carbonite
candy bars. where the han solo would be caramel or nuooget.
It always seemed like an obvious thing for the star wars dudes to make
and at least on any mass market level the fuckers never did.
Anyway, someone finnaly took it into their own hands and figured out how to do it.
About fucking time. starwars candy by your boot straps.

Ok, I’ve already typed too much.
If you dudes get a minute here’s a good site with lots of Moebius art on it.
Lots of shit I never saw before.

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