nueva worlds and concertinas and crap

it’s like 6 in the morning and I’m still up.
I’m all “comic artist we dont sleep we rest one eye up.”

It was a full and busy day of reading Murakami in a bath and going through
a canadian art school library looking at fancy art and design magazines.
I’m glad I didn’t go to artschool. Anyway i don’t dress nice enough for it.
Thundercats tshirt and all.

I gotta get up in like 5 hours to take Marian out to brunch so I’ll get right to it:

I’ve been doing lots of side work, cause it pays and to try out new stuff.
I think I mentioned these before. Hack/slash cover:

And a comic for the Greeks that was written by Ilias kyriazis.

It’s so different doing work that isn’t mine. I dunno, you know.
But I fugured I should throw them up here cause it’s different from what I do
left alone. (I never draw girls in tight pants)

I think I should sleep I gotta King city to to draw tommorow. I’ll have more big thoughts when my brain works.

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