like a deer in headlights

Ok, I’m back.
Well kind of, I’m up in Vancover again.
Wondercon was cool.
San Francisco was cool.
Violet let me and Marian stay in his china town estate wich was awesome.
I was thrilled to be in the Chinatown of Big trouble in little china.
Normally I can’t walk through my Seattle china town without quoting that movie
“china is here me Burton” but in SF CT it meant something.

Most of the con I just hung out with Becky and Vassilis, the high point of the thing sticks out as the day where after the con we all went to see Natonal treasure 2! goddamn that’s an entertaining peice of crap. As my pal David once decribed the weath of Nikolas Cages acting ability lies in that look where he’s apears to be trying to figure out what he ate through the smell of his farts. “brocolli?…no mayce a sweet bread custard with yams?…..”

And I got to hang out with John Christ and we all went to the comic book legal defense fund party where I think Justin Norman made a kid sign his name in blood to promise that he’d stay in comix his whole life. And I drew a picture on the toilet door then used the same pen to draw a quick thing that they sold off for $100 clams. Wich probaly isn’t that big a deal but it seemed cool to me.

And I sold some books and drew a lot of pictures for people.

Here’s another unlettered king city too page to confuse you guys:

Like I said I’m in canada again. Marians place has become my fortess of solitude.
The convention trip killed my schedule so now I gotta catch up.

I remember reading Paul Pope talk about eating a shit load of indian food before a big comix push. So I tried it with Tai and now I’m going in deep.
Old Loveline , Merl haggard and Meatloaf.
push ups and coffee.

oh and John Christ told me the term “Civillian” for anyone that dosen’t read comix.
That’ll get thrown into the Bro-dex.

I watched some KRS-1 interview on youtube where he said “if you’re still using the technology the way the manufatuer intended, you’re not doin’ hip hop.” I like that. Victory over the streets.

“we don’t wear white shades around here”

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