It’s for you.

I just woke up at the hour I’d normally be going to bed.
5 in the am. I had this dream where I was on some marvel universe
shit looking for a secret base, I had a map. it looked like this:

I said something about how we’re never gonna find it then the ground shook and
galactus horns came up through the ground. I was laughing yelling out “THIS IS AWESOME!!” then I woke up.

In the real real world I’ve just been trying to draw as much King city 2 as the day allows.

I just found out that I’ve got like 30 less pages for this book than the last.
160 this time, im at 79.
The good news is that it means it’ll be done sooner. I think it’s the best stuff I’ve ever shown paper.

Dude, I’ve been thinking about how comix is basically puzzle solving.
fitting jokes and character into story, story into boxes, boxes into pages ect.
And laying out pages is all Feng Shui. It’s kind of rad how when you draw all day you can flip through a comic and tell if the pages they work or not before your brain registers what the page is even about.

anyway, here’s another lettering free page.
Her glasses say nuts and nard

hehe look at that sissy in the last pannel with his tea.

In all this ink and paper I’ve been listening to lots of RhymeFest since Violet recomended him. “my styles running to the toilet you aint seen shit yet.” dooode! his michael jackson tribute album is brilliant.

I read some interview with him talking about Chicago hip hop that I though related to how I feel about comix–

“we always look at it like we’re gonna make it on our own. We don’t realize that the only you can be successful is through movement, an the only way to have a movement is to unify. Until we learn from others, we’ll never have that”

I was reading some review of James Won-ton book and they always throw in me and Corey It awesome to be finger tip to guys I like in life and art as much as those adamantium solid dudedawgs.

I like that comix hasn’t even seen half our gang yet. When Marian, Marley and Sheldon get full books out dude if David did one too comix couldn’t even handle it. Comix would be calling in sick cause it’s ass hurt.

speaking of dudes I heard that Gabe is taking his stab at that Zuda.
I haven’t even looked and I know he’s gonna win.

Here’s a quick picture I did of me and my lady when she was working.

She was drawing this, to prove that girls can draw horses:

and then she did a picture of me fucking with her while she works:

Yeah I know, awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Sorry to lay that pony and puppy shit on you good people.

Ok I think I hear a muffin and coffee calling.

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