Woke up in a hotel room in Brussels. It’s 6pm in the afternoon here.

I’m under the maple leaf as usual these days. Mancougar BC.
So I couldn’t sleep and me and the misses started saying puns back in forth
I was calling her a maya Angeloose canon and I got called a maya Angeloser
and that picture is where it ended.

It’s been an aight week, week wize. 3 swords on the conan scale…
I didn’t draw yesterday wich is unlike me
lately, but probaly necessary. I went to comic stores. RX comics is sooo good.
Quarter bin gold. So now I lounge around reading Scout:warshaman and ESPers.
I love a getting the team together issue, where it shows all over the globe.
COLORADO: and there’s just a naked dude fighting a bear and then he looks up and
there’s a guy with a breifcase “I’d like to offer you a job”
man, I can read that shit all day!

Here’s a new sexica commission thing I drew in a coffee shop.

I was just reading that stuff about Paul Pope doing DKNY clothes.
crazy planet. I mean, that’s cool. I hope he uses it to fund some
THB. I wont even say shit.

Ok I’m gonna go draw some pages today.KING CITY TOO

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