I’ve been playing Crash bandicoot in between panels.
I missed the era of the x-tream bandicoot because I was too into
comic books at the time.

Ah, I’ve changed so much. Here’s a portrait of how I imagine a Crash “gentelman” bandicoot might have evolved since the game.

That’s supposed to be spuds McKenzie as his foot rest but there was no foot reference so I dunno how much it looks like him.

I’ve been on a Canada dry gingerale kick since I’m deep in the mapple leaf these days.
Dudes, It’s the champagne of gingerales! It makes me wish that there was a champagne of everything. I want the champagne of toilet paper. I was thinking I wanted my books to be the champagne of comix then I realized more important I wanna make the Real-pain of comix.

The other thing is I’ve been remembering my dreams lately. It’s new and exciting for me.
Still I don’t have very exciting dreams. But the other night I had one where my homies Corey and Claire were both wearing chain mail hoods. Like this:

Comix wize–
I finished the King city boardgame. It’s like in the 90’s of pages in the book.

and the board

I’m thinking of making the inside front/back covers of the book more random king city boardgame characters. Floating mummies, moon men, armless spies–that sort of thing.
I dunno if many people will actually play the game.- like the crossword in the first book.
But it was cool to make.

harveyjames showed me an old post he made on old dragon ball
I need to go out and get those again. I forget how fucking amazing Toriyama is.
I was sipping tea this morning thinging about the early thick awesome feelings that I got from
80’s Toriyama. I need to get all those again.

Whatelse? I did a bunch of drawings of porn stars and shit I was thinking about doing a pin up book for cons. Maybe someday I’ll have drawn enough ass and that’ll be it.
I know It’s one of those things that people get good at and are known for – even my grandfather did it. But when I think about the dudes that get known for drawing hot chicks I dunno if i wanna throw my addidas in with them. I mean, there’s manara. I dont wanna be just the dude that draws ass. No that I’m gonna stop this week, I’ve got this MUSIC in me.

I was at the SF con and my pal John grabs me to go to J scott cambell’s table. And I grab a comic to give him, I like how he draws girls. he’s good at it. Then I got over there and he’s mobbed selling some sketchbook of slave leia or some shit. He does draw well (not comix mind you) but it soured it, OK I’ll stop I’m the asshole posting up Crash bandacoot fanart then talking about real art.
I’ve typed too much.

And then you put your finger to my lips and just say “shhhhhh”
“now come to bed.”
You are a rapist.

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