Meanwhile on planet earth.

I’ve been thinking about the face on the Lion Voltron. As a kid I was sure that
it was meant to be a statue of a long dead hero. He looks like that purple jungle Phantom.

It’s been a week of 80’s japan nostalgia for me, I’ve been reading Coreys early dragon ball
books and now I’m going through all of the appleseed books. I think Shirow is my favorate dude at laying out pages.

There’s this scene in book one where Deunan and Bri are talking in a park.
There’s a panel of an ice cream truck with their word baloons above it without them near it.
Then it goes back to Deunan laying on the grass. The next panel is them walking with ice cream.

I would’ve just drawn them in the panel with the ice cream truck, but that fact that he didn’t and it still works just as well is like comic book magic.

And then ghost in the shell happened and now I’m like Dre “Used to be my homey, used to be my ace—”

Anyway, I’m back in the comic book trenches after Sakura con. It not suprizingly wasn’t my scene but I sold some books talked on some panels and met some artists and drew some pictures:

Ass and titty is my default drawing. I blame my wireing.
Speaking of here’s a Sexica and Cat commision:

After a convention it takes me like 2 days to get back to real comix pages.
I’ve been thinking about skipping some. But all I’ve got planned was Seattle where that
Scott Pilgrim artist is gonna be and Portland where liz greenfield is gonna be.
So I’m bound by the unholly rules of comix brutherhood to go.

Here’s a cool comic Rachel Dukes did about me and the misses after the SF con

I like her stuff.

So I was thinking of throwng up the whole 10 page origonal Sexica porn comic on here in a day or 2 but I wasn’t sure it was kosher. It is all 2 dicks and sodomy and shit.

Ok dudes I gotta get back to King city tooo.
Here’s an awesome picture of the car voltron I ran into on this internet.

I want my crotch to work like that. What is it a cyclopian eye or some shit?

See you in the funny books.

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