Stone cold lampin

Here’s a photo that my homie Justin “moritat” Norman took of me and Marian
in a bar in SF

I was watching some Manara videos offa youtube
I like this one, a commercial for his figurines.
I like the dude in his sweater lining them all up while his
moms at work.

Oh, but more importantly I wanted to throw up the frst ever Multiple Warheads story
for anyone that hasn’t seen it. It’s old, it’s porn.
it’s important to note that It was drawn in Post 9-11 nyc.
I had some big rant about world comix but with manara and porn I’ll leave it at that.

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4 Responses to Stone cold lampin

  1. feral says:

    Hey um… can you please repost these? I’d love to finally be able to read them. The original story of wolf dick smuggling is definitely something I like I need to read.

  2. feral says:

    the word “feel” was meant to go between “I” and “like” near the end there …9_9

  3. Feral says:

    Thanks Brandon! It was great! Multiple Warheads Nikoli has evolved into a better character I think. Though the inexperienced pissing at the end of this piece was unexpected and hilarious. The paper bag on head guy was funny too. Was the waiting for helicopter story the most recently drawn? The girl in it seemed to have the most character detail of the three that I’ve mentioned (though Sexica is definitely the coolest:)).

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