the nemedian chronicles.

Oh hey,

I took today off from this crippling torture of drawing whatever I want. Me and the misses went out with gigantic mirth to tread the jeweled thrones of the earth under our feet.

We hit up the sculpture park here in Seattle.
They’ve coated the concrete of the place in something so when you spit on it it rolls down like mercury.

———–comic store————————-

I got that new Dave Sim book and the Comic Foundry magazine. It’s weird because they both seemed like parodies of mainstream magazines. I know comics foundry is a real magazine, it’s just weird to see comics journalism being handled like music or movies. Kind of awesome actually. Plus I like that they had a page on my pal Ross Cambell.

Anyway more importantly there’s excitement going on in this comic book world.

The big deal is that my girlfriend is drawing a fucking CONAN story. dooooooooooooooooooooooooode!

It’s an 8 page thing that Tim Truman of 1980’s Scout Warshaman fame wrote. I’m lettering it. It’s gonna run in Dark horse presents.
Everyone I mention it to keeps thinking I’m jealous.
The cold harsh reality of it is that Marian’s art is more conan than mine. She’s such a fucking badass.

And so I don’t look like a slouch here’s a new King city 2 picture. I’m on page 105 out of 160.

My pal David called and told me that Akira Toriyama
of Dragon ball fame and Masakazu Katsura who did Zetman, Video girl Ai, shadow lady and DNA2 are doing some one shot comic together. I think Toriyama is writting it. i dunno, that’s on the other side of the planet.

Here’s an awesome Akira Toriyama drawing from some art book. I think his real impressive stuff gets way over looked by that juggernaught DBZ.
This drawing is like Asterix level awesome:

I also found some Michael jackson website that has a bunch of Dragon ball fan art drawn by some other big manga artists.
If it was a contest, I’d say the Eye shield dude brought down the Thunder.

Also the stumptown show was cool. Saw all the dudes and Met Liz Greenfield and got hugged by Carla speed McNeil. Dude, I’m rereading Finder. I love that book.

Light the big fires. Comic wize things are good.

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