Conan a Graham

I’ve gone back up to Canada to get this King city too done.
3 months to go and at the same time Marian is deep in her Conan story.
So it’s been all drawing all day. I’ve been running my hands
under the tap lots so they don’t cramp up. It seems to work.

Its been good. But I’ve been bad about returning emails and all that.
And I was only able to go to the emerald city con for a couple of hours.

I went in for lots more hospital check ups. This time was at the big Seattle Cancer Care building. They have cancer hats that they give out in the lobby.
I feel like medical technology has advanced since my last check up.
The barium drink(berry-yum) that they gave me for the cat scan was the best yet and after they took blood they put a thing on my arm so it wouldn’t bruise. It’s like mutherfucking flying cars.

Anyway, comic books.
I’m really happy with the new book so far. Here’s some cover roughs that probly look nothing like the final cover. I doubt that TP is gonna let me do the giant 2. I want this book to be it’s own animal and not just another issue of a series.

I used to always say that the more you draw the more you draw. It’s so true.
Along with the pages I’ve been doing lots of stuff that has no buisness being printed.

Here’s a pictue I drew of Marian dreaming of barbarian shit.

And don’t worry that Otter thing isn’t some horrible sleepybabymuffinface name for her. It’s pat of an elaborate story I told her about when this comic book life pays off and we live in a huge palacial estate how I’ll have the buttler bring in well trained animals in vests to wake her.

Perfectly reasonable.

And here’s a comic I drew her, cause I’m all romantic like that:

Not to be outdone Marian did this awesome comic in between pages.

All Wark and no play..

Now I’m going to bed, the alarm’s set for 8. Tommorow I draw like fire, because paper burns.

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