Things just aint the same for gangsters…..

It’s been a good week A 5 pages in 5 days week. I’m having a blast working on this alien brothel scene in King city 2oo. I was going to put it up here but I figured I’d save something for the book.

Here’s a flashback scene that dosen’t spoil nuthin.

I’ve been reading lots of Marian’s old comic collection. She was deep in superheroes when I was too cool for it, so there’s lots I missed. I was really enjoying the early chris bachalo stuff. Where he was doing that scratchy lines across the nose style. Where it was cool to just throw a top hat on a girl like it aint no thing. Lezbian folk singers meeting death and all that. Then dude forgot what story telling was. I guess it was the era of that—

Comics are rough, I don’t mean the lines on paper but just looking over so many careers at amazing talented dudes that could draw anything. And the way they reward talent is to put em on batman or x men or someshit. And I can’t blame an artist for taking a job, but man, this industry wrecks artists. I sure as shit don’t want to peak at 35. This isn’t speedskating, this is a sit down job. there’s no good reason that it goes how it goes.

Anyway, It always comes back to Moebius for me.
Iron ore rock solid Jean Giraud. The man’s like 70 and you can’t even find a bad picture by him. I double dog dare you. “you’ll never see it like you eatin pork with me”

I just saw this XIII book he drew last year.

There’s an article about it here
I know it’s just basic and off a script but still. All my other childhood heroes
went off to movies or stopped trying so hard.
I love that dude. pssssttt hey, comics ,that old man is making you look bad.

And that’s my rant on that.
I thought I’d throw this up here. My pal Andre took some photos when he was visiting Seattle and got one of the building I drew as their appartment in Multiple warheads.
So here’s this:

Aight, I’m off to eat whine and drink cheese while I watch something in a flim.

Awwwwwwwwwwww shit, I think someones trying to steal all the color in the world.


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