It’s funny how in drawing you don’t get steadily better. It hits you in waves.
At least that’s how it works on my end of the pen.
I did my 5 pages this week but it was fucking uphill all the way. For the most part though even at the rough times I’m so much faster than I’ve ever been.

When I was in NYC doing the porn comics It was all I could do to make like 10 pages a month. Now I do 20 most months. Wich is nothing to some artists but it feels like warp drive to me. In that sense Tokyopop has been good. I had to learn to get fast. I think it was Dave Sim, unless he was quoting someone “first you get good then you get fast.”

But it’s such a turtles march. Just a little a day cause if you think of the whole book at once you go crazy or worse start to hack it out.
King city tooo :page 121 tonight. 40 more to go. I’ll throw the cover up next week.



This is a big deal to me. It never occured to me that it was weird until now.
But I was pretty deep into care bears. Wich is funny because I clearly rememember refusing to watch my little pony because it was too sissy.

Look, I know it’s easy to pick on care bears.
But seriously Tender heart was my Optimus Prime.

Let’s look at these new bears.

Harmony bear is obviously a rastafarian.

What kind of asshole bear calls himself Best friend bear when there’s already a Friend bear. The same with Perfect panda , did he do that just to make the other panda feel inferior?

Fuck you America cares bear, you peice of shit.
I hope grumpy mauls you.
Why isn’t there a good white bear. You could make a rad bi-polar bear
or some shit. True heart bear looks the Ultra Magnus of this new batch.
And by that I mean some lame step dad who has the matrix of leadership but will never be awesome. maybe he’s just on some Perfect Panda shit.

And aren’t pandas not really bears. Lets see some care bear cousins on this bitch. Cousin.

and here’s a good care bear van thing from the future I found on this internet:

Thanks a lot bear.

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