daikon? no

Ultraman seems like a cool dude.
I realize that his movies are as boring as godzilla films if godzilla wasn’t in them. But the iconic character of ultraman is good.

There’s that scene in the movie zoonlander where Owen Wilson’s character is talking about Sting ” I don’t really listen to it, but the fact that he’s making it, I respect that” That is how I feel about ultraman.

Plus he makes me think of the possiblities that Corey could and will do with his Epic Sharknife.

Anyway, I’ve been on comics something serious this week. I’ve got a good patern of drawing and watching Deadwood DVDs.
That show is so good. It makes me feel good that there’s a western thing that I like. I used to think that it was a genre lost on me.
But Deadwood is boss, they say choinaman and cocksucker every other word.
Apparently that’s the way to my heart.

Here’s the title page for King city 2, cocksuckers:

Originally I had a daikon radish on the box the cat was in. The joke being Diaconbike, like a bad dike pun. But I alreday say faggott too much and lord knows I love those people, I just like the vicious words used to attack them as well.

Also I was thinking this week about how I’m morally opposed to 24 hour comics being printed. just by themselves. It’d be cool if they were in the back of a real comic. I get it as an exercise, I’ve done it. It just seems to show a lack of respect for the reader. I already don’t think people don’t put enough work into the books on the shelves and now you’re gonna advertize how little time you put in.

I’m still reading that 2nd Savage sword of Conan trade.
He just had to fight shape changing tornado wizards with tentacle arms that got their powers from an orb full of gold pomagranetes. dude.
I got that Corben Lovecraft book, I haven’t read it yet.
But I did just read my pal Gabe’s comic AMO JAMON ,about the Pig cab driver and his aligator roomate–I was really impressed. Dig it up if you can.
Here’s the cover


I was just listening to a Rakim sone where he says “So much flavor I can taste your smile” It just makes me think of somones teeth looking so bad that you can visually guess the state of their breath.

Aight I’m off to draw more. Kid gloves and Persian rugs,

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