studiooo banging out tracks

Mostly I’m just posting this because the Eisner awards are about to end voting.

The major impact in my life would be if me or James won it would be good for a full year of one of us wearing it around like a medalion to taunt the other one. Because that’s how we roll.

On the same note I’ve just entered into another deadline race with the bastard.
Last time was to see if I could get King city done before he finished his wonton soup book. the prize was a pizza and I won.

The thing is I think James can beat me in how many pages he can draw in a day.
It becomes a turtle and hair race on my end. Staying steady and hoping he gets distracted by something shiny is my best hope.
It’s 40 pages of king city2 to his 30 color murder bullets pages.
Prize:PIZZA – It’s like money to these savages.

I talked to Corey about being in on it too. to finsish sharknife zz.
All in all it’s mostly an excuse to get our books done.Because money and respect is all good but falls short of pizza and gloating.

Here’s a loaded bible drawing I did.

And not related to anything a Go Nagai condom anti aids ad that I thought was cool.

and even less related, here’s some french comic book covers, a picture of Akira(dragon ball) Toryama and a charcterfrom bionic 6.

Now Internet, I bid you a dude!
Back to the drawing board.

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