I’m waiting to see what Tokyopop wants to do with King city 2.
Since they aren’t putting out any of their OEL manga anymore. Of course I wanna take it to be printed at another publisher. Or more importantly I just want it to see print over here.

I read something on CBR about how TP is giving back rights without a hassle. That would be awesome. But I haven’t heard anything specific.
I don’t think they know what they’re doing yet.

The only solid thing I know is that it’s still going to be printed in french.
So right now I’m finishing up the book for the Bragelonne edition.

The other goodish news is that King city 2 will be longer now.
I was having to cut some scenes so I could hit the deadline . With no print date now I’ll do all the scenes I wanted in.
I can say that without a doubt king city 2 is the best book I’ve managed to make.

“comics will break your heart”


anyway, need must as the devil drives.
Tonight I did the cover for my pal Kevins Clockwork girl book.

I tried to make trees like in the Rankin Bass Hobbit.

Here’s a site with the book that came with the Hobbit record scanned:

I’m so impressed by that style and I haven’t seen it outside of thundercats and the last unicorn and the tolken stuff. It’d be a gold mine if any of the dudes involved drew any comics with the same gnarl french/japanese style.

Fat Hobbit wives and children.

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