Baby explorer

Me and Marian went to a mall yesterday.
Those places are fucking weird.
There was a toy called “Dora the baby explorer” like it was some official title for a pedophile. Then on our way out we saw a woman putting lipstick on an infant baby child.
As we walked past Marian says “woah, baby explorer!”

I haven’t interacted with Tokyopop much since the shit went down. King city 2 is an ignored stack of paper. I’ve been working on other stuff for the last 2 weeks.

–MULTIPLE WARHEADZ: Alphabet to infinity–
And yeah, There’s some text and coloring mistakes I gotta fix. but I wanted to show it so far.

Shit yes, this ink on paper is fun.

I was remembering years ago in nyc, I guess it was 2001. I’d been pitching books to Vertigo almost on a weekly basis and the only editor that wanted to see my stuff fly had just left the company. Even with him there It was the catch 22 of telling me I’d be the next Paul Pope but they would’nt give me a book without the kind of name Pope had. (It became a joke for years to be called the next pope–I think half of the artists I know at different times were given that title. You can set your watch by the next pope.)

On top of that NBM had just turned down another pitch and told me to give it some time before I could even do more porn for them.

All this at once. I was cartoon depressed, walking through queens in the rain.
In the months before that I’d felt like I was almost at what I’d been aiming for my entire life. And then that was it. I had no more places to even take my work to.
I had devoted my entire purpose and my self image to this industry that didn’t even want me.
And I gave up. Like fuck you comics.

I still made pages after that. But for the first time since I was like 13 It was just for me.
For the most part I kept that. “take the pain–use it”

There’s no real money in this. Most of the fame is fake– McFarline is known because he hired some dudes to make action figures. You only know Stan Lee’s name because he spent his life on Kirby’s back.

This comic book industry is weighed down with good artists making shit books.
Good companies putting out garbage.
As an artist it kills me to think of the struggle it took to be able to have my stuff in stores.
As a reader, I go to comic stores ready to spend whatever it costs for a good new book.
more times then not I leave with 80’s books from the quarter bin.

This stupid livejournal is the only soap box I got. I don’t rant like this in my comics.
Like I said, those are for me.

Make some comic books like you fucking mean it.

Comic artists seem to die alot lately. You really want your last work to be a hack job?
Put some weight on that paper.


Anyway, that’s my rant this week. The music the moment you own it, and all that.
On the less self rightious bitter side of things stuff’s been good.
I’m with Marian out at her cabin again. I brought a foot tall stack of quarter bin comics,
Asterix and Conan books.

Anyone ever read DC comics 1987– Slash Maraud?
I might have to scan some of it, I just got the first 2 issues.
It looks fucking awesome. Purple snow, shape changing aliens.
Giant Polar bear sized pandas called “Panda-monium”

Check out this Asterix picture I ran into:

I love that Gaulish village until the sky falls on our heads.

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  1. mikey907 says:

    did you quote jay-z?

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