my friends, my childhood, Mi pequeno mundo.

I’m still up at the cabin on the island with Marian and her friends.
I’m almost 10 pages into this new Multiple warheads book.
While I’m scanning the pages I dug out one of the early ones I’d done.
I thought I’d throw up here what my girl and my pal David do to an innocent page
when I wasn’t looking.

Marian drew the dude’s and that is David’s layed back lounging, chillaxing,
uncircumsized member. Dude, get your dick offa my mountain face!

On a similar note, There’s more carebears! I thought I was all up to date,
but the wartime advances in carebear technology are moving at breakneck speeds.
This round is like a “pup named scooby-doo” version.

That green fucker is Oopsie bear and he is a cunt. Dude there’s already a green bear!
how unlucky was lucky to get replaced?

The fucked up shit about Oopsie bear is that his stomach goes blank and he can draw in different symbols on it. So you don’t know what kind of bear you’re dealing with.
Bi-polar mutherfucker. I like a care bear on the level, interacting with a share bear is wicked different than say a Bedtime bear. Oopsie bear can just redo his stomach in the middle of a sentence. Say he has a music note on it then you start to sing a song with him and before you’ve gotten to the really good part of your verse about how your bed is like a flower cloud he’s changed up his symbol and now he’s into rock climbing.
I would choke a bear.

notice that my boy, Tenderheart, isn’t in the new show. Like “tell em, suck their own dick.”


Godlord! Battle beast are cool. “Wood< Fire Earrrthhhh!!"
I might've liked them better when they we're a tottal mystery same with muscles things.
It's a big disapointment of my adulthood to find out the origin of things. Oh, they're just transformers or just Kinukuman the farting wrestler.

While digging around on this internet (trying to find a cooler name for the rubsign transformers) I ran into Floro Dery's web site. he's the Filipino dude who was the visual creator for transformers. The dude that designed UNICRON

Here’s his site:
He also did pirates of darkwater and someother ishhh.
Why that man’s name isn’t taught in gradeschool is beyond me.
And out of the Philipines no less, I’d always thought it was just japanese dudes.
Nobody tells me nuthin.

You know what the sad thing about Unicron is?
He’s only got one cron.
So, a couple months ago my pal Angel called up cause she was painting
a mural near my seattle dicecat home.
(I met Angel when she was like 16 and now she’s the Graffitti mama of Seattle.)
Me and Marian went out and watched her finish the mural.her grandma came out and it was
like a slice of that hiphop I used to know.
Anyway the mural was for video by a local 20sickness rap group and here it is.

That’s what comes out of Corey Lewis’s room when he draws.

If you haven’t seen Angels deviantart:
thank you and goodnight.

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