Deep dark secrets

Here’s another page from my new Multiple warheadz. I’m a quarter of the way done.
I missed hand lettering. This is Nikoli in the Tiamart.
The vat squid is named after my pal Sheldon who does Supertron on Zuda..

Speaking of, my ink and blood bruther Corey “ninjarage, the Reyyyyyy” lewis has his new Dead in the Now up on Zuda.
Check it out
Vote for the man. That Zuda is a good scam for him to eat off of so he can draw more comics.
I’m stil at the cabin watching Marian’s relatives army of dogs.
I didn’t bring enough comics for this far from the city so I’ve been reading stuff online.
Jacob told me that they were all on this internet a while back, but dude!. The hard core reality of being able to read every issue in black and white.
That panel with TCRI was one of the biggest moments in my comic book reading childhood. 
I draw that bulding in cityscapes so much.

Here’s an old Eastman and Laird drawing of the studio

 I was raised on Elfquest orgies and beer drinking turtles.
Mutherfuck a movie, it gets no better than that.

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