the depth of the heat


I’ve been swimming in the ocean for the last 2 days. Then coming out and eating artichoke heart and pineapple salsa burritos. And today I watched the orangest reddest sunset I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

So yeah, stuff’s cool.

I came up with another entry into me and James “moocha” Stokoe’s Brodex.
The brodex term for a menstrual pad: Human shield.

I heard about another new Care bear, Amigo bear.
I like Amigo bear. He seems like a solid dude, plus actually valuable to the team.
I guess he speaks every language but prefers spanish. He’s like the New mutants
Cipher of the care bears.
ohh shit, watch your back cipher bear.

Also this week I’ve been all about these 5 interconnected Tarsem Singh directed levis commercials. I like these better than any movie I’ve seen in a while.
I think this ones my favorate.

The best part is they don’t even register as ads. I’d remembered them but it took me forever to even remember what they’re for. 
The bad part is lenny”die in a fire” kravits is in one of them for like half a second.But I like them enough I’ll overlook it. 

Speaking of commercials, i got a copy of the britney spears Pepsi cartoon that me and my meathaus bruther James Jean did years ago. I’ll put it up here as soon as i figure out how.


Someone pointed out that you can read all the Elfquest online too.
The versions they have up has shit color but the Original Quest
is still one of the best comics ever.

Here’s a self portrait i did the other day.  That’s Marian in the tea cup.


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