yacht club

I’m going to lay off putting up any more King city 2.
I’m not one for secrecy but I’ll type about it when and if there’s something
to type about.

so shhhh. 

Here’s a quick drawing of my favorate rapp-ists KRS-1, Rakim. And that’s soundwave in a dumb hat. 
I fully believe that Rakim is the only actually tough dude to rap. And KRS is like a hip hop dad
he rhymes about eating at dennys. I love that shit. 

My comic book larder is low,  but my pal Ross just sent me his new Water baby book. I’m about half through,
he draws so good. I’m deeply impressed by his ability to draw facial expressions.
Not to be an asshole and take away comics without giving something in return, today I’m putting up some of my old porn I did for Josh Lesnick’s Slipshine.net  . Thanks to Josh for getting me these old pages again.

I did this in 2003 when I was living in Filthy Rich’s living room in the tip top of manhattan where it meets the bronx.
This was drawn when I was all divorced from the idea of ever getting into the mainstream comic industry.
I was all fuck comics so I thought it was funny at the time to call my porn Fuck comix.

Those were the days of all night horror /sci-fi movies chexican delivery and buttman magazine.
the days of high adventure!

I had a friend who was working as a porn actress and she’d told me stories about when they film gang
bangs and dudes show up with paper bags on their heads. Filthy Rich joked about wanting to go to one with a
bag on his head but a hole cut in it so you sould see his whole face.

The first girl’s Loyal tattoo is based off the one Belladonna has on her lower back.



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