I went to the park today, there was a dude lying under a tree in front of some graffitti.
It looked like this.

I thought that was funny. 
“’cause it’s 187 on a mutherfuckin nap”
The dogs I was with were so interested in the guy.
Whenever a ball was thrown they’d just bring it next to him and set it down.
He didn’t move at all, it was like a dog version of weekend at bernies.

I wanted to type about one of my favorate comics ever

Luckily when I was a kid I had a big brother that bought good comics.
So when I was 10 and reading whatever secret wars crap I was reading my brother had this book.

Zooniverse was 6 issues, done in ’86 by the Austrailian artist Fil Barlow when he was around 23.
Whenever I see anyone talking about any comics you should read to see what this medium
is capable of I always think of is Zooniverse. It is fucking awesome.

It follows the Kren patrol Loki , Spak 7 and Entox, the later 2 are plastoid warriors and immortal because they don’t bio-degrade. The Kren patrol has to deliver a corrier with secret information inside his head to the halls of record.
An ocean planet with a sea of liquid information.

The thing that really clicked with me on this is how dense it reads.
He’s constantly going off on side stories. Stuff that has nothing to do with the main plot but just serves to build on the fictinal world.

Anyone who’s read my stuff can see how much this affected me. Without this and Matt Howarth comics
I don’t know if I would’ve even dug in so deep.

Here’s a couple pages I used to keep photocopied on my wall.
Entox is explaining to Tarmi about Spak’s troubled history.

And this page with the crazy giant floating alien polliticians with a garden under them kept going by their own shit.
Check out that last row of panels, where the dot in the ! turns into a space station.

After doing this Barlow went into animation, like most of our best and brightest.
As far as I know he worked on a bunch of cartoons–Ghostbusters, Alf. MIB, Godzilla even the new
Riddick one with Peter Chung.
But he never did another comic series. A couple short things that are good..
If I ruled comics with an iron fist this book would be hardcover and in your face like Maus.



I finnaly read the Moebius batman comic that DC dropped from their batman black and white.

I’d always heard that it had a beagle boy from ducktails in it but It was just a dude in prison gear.
Either way it’s still fun to read. 
Here’s a page.

And here’s a photo of Peyo just hanging out.
“oh, come in I wasn’t expecting you.”
I hope he’s wearing smurf slippers too.
And what the hell did those guys look like under their hats?
I might have to draw that.
Then I will throw it into a well and fill it with dirt so noone will see.


Oh and my own stuff is comming along.
It’s been a good week, Marian is on Elephanmen and I’m 15 pages into the full color Multiple warheads.
I think the new Meathaus SOS is in OUT and the Eisner awards are in mere days.

As far as I can tell like half of my gang is skipping the big convention. I’ll be doing the Vancouver one in a month. 

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