Under underground

I’m back at marian’s family cabin. Trying to watch Dr who off of weird chinese web sites
having it subtitled in a language that I don’t read makes it seem even more science fiction.

I’m listening to Heinlein’s the cat who walks through walls.
I like a story with the main character being of a reasonable age.
I worry that most fiction is middle aged dudes writting about teenagers.

I know my characters all look like they’re 10.
Mostly I’m just typing out loud.

I drew this pin up today for the collected Pigeons from hell that Nathan Fox draws.

It’s based off a Robert E Howard story so I felt morally obligated to put Conan in there.

Man, that 3rd Savage sword trade is holding up pretty good, I’m like 3 stories in.
Buscema is so good at dense storytelling. Every so often there’s a Gil Kane or Neil Adams
story and I know those guys are good but after Buscema they just don’t do it right.
I think Conan is one of those rare things that takes a certain Je Ne Sais Crom to pull off.
Whereas, any one can do a wolverine comic.

It’s a shame Wendy Pini never got to do a Conan.
Here’s a photo of her in 76 (the year I was born) when she used to dress up as Red Sonja at cons.

She must’ve at least drawn some red sonja. When I first got into the old Conan books I remember thinking how elfquest it was. But that’s just me reading comics history backwards.

look at you Comics, all back-of-the-bus and shit.

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