fishing off orbit

I’ve said this before but the existence of cell phones is a great camouflage for crazy people talking to themselves. If you were just sane enough to put your hand up to the side of your head they’d never catch on.

Another thing– do comic book inkers ink the signature of the penciler?
or do the pencilers have just one special pen they use for that?

I remember seeing the Transmetropolitan pencils years ago and the editor pointing out that the penciler Darick Robertson, inked just the eyes himself. Windows to the soul and all. I guess he didn’t trust just that to anyone else.

These romans are crazy.

Here’s a Doctor Who and Rose commision that I drew tonight.

I like that show. I might add stars I dunno.

I also just got the Hideo Azuma Disappearance Diary manga.
I really dug it. I like the parts that give insite into the life of a
old school comic artist.

This scene where he talks about meeting Tezuka:

“It’s not easy even for Tezuka”

There’s more talk about wanting to quit books and being talked into streaching it out. That’s gotta happen a lot in manga.

I was looking at that site with all the Moebius on it again today.
and there’s a cool section that shows a bunch of the reference he used.

Here’s Jimmy Hendrix for that french album cover and Patty Smith in the Airtight Garage.

Also I should mention I’ll be at this thing in Vancouver next weekend.
It should be cool.

Whatelse– My color russian werewolf epic: Multiple Warheadz is puttering along 20 something pages so far.
And maybe other new news damn soon.

End on a song.


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