Steel eagle forts

I did the convention up here.
Left to right– Marley Zarcone, Steve Rolston, Me, that fine Marian “godlord” Churchland and James “daywalker” Stokoe. Claire took it and that’s her and Moritat’s heads with the swords.
Comic convention woo.

After the show I was going through massive stacks of comic at Steve’s place. Apparently in the new Buffy comics the title characters little sister has been turned into a centaur–Sexy sex sextaur.
My point is Marian drew this on a napkin:

There’s a panel where she says “you’re gonna have to…ride me”
Man, it’s like reading Ironwood again.
Apparently horses only lift their tails to shit so,
take that to your grave.

My pal David asked me to give him a list of the good manga I’ve
dug up recently.

I like the art in this one by Hisae IWAOKA a lot.
As far as I can tell in it humanity lives in a big tube that
surounds the earth and the main dudes job is to window wash the tube.

And I’ve been impressed by this Daisuke Igarashi stuff:

He’s so good at conveying place and weather.

I’ll put up some more next time.

I’m sitting on a mountain of pages. If all goes according to plan
I’ll put out enough stuff this year to make everyone sick of me.

The main thing right now is the Color Multiple warheads I’m doing
with Oni press. MW makes me work, when i draw King city pages it’s just
drawing off of everyday city life –so a parking meter is just a parking meter but with Warheads I’ve got to filter everything I draw
through all this fake dungeons and dragons, cold war fantasy
I’m comming up with. Here’s a new page:

Those green things with the stars on them are moss-cows and then there’s the
snail truck (S-cargo) Someday I might put some puns in a comic.

And here’s a rough sketchbook page:


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