Comix said knock you out!

Lately I listen to audio books while I draw.
I’m always interested to see how the book covers and random dudes draw the characters
in whatever i’m reading/hearing.
check out these rad covers for the japaneese version of Snow crash:

They look like the FLCL box covers.

When I was a kid I had a book called Barlow’s guide to extrterestials.
(I always hoped the authour and Fil Barlow the zooniverse dude were related.)
it was all portaits of aliens from science fiction books.
It’d be fun to do a low rent version of something like that– sketchbook of characters from books.
I’ve already done an embaresing amount of drawings on the back of my pages of how I think
mirrored cyberpunk glasses would look. I know, I’m sorry.
I’m up at Marian’s cabin again on bizzaro no 1 time so at 4 am it feels like 6 in the afternoon.

I was just reading old dragon ball. I love that comic so much.
Toriyama was really on the ball. This is some of my favorate panels in comics.


“skills so tight if it was a vagina the clit would be a diamond!”

Here’s a bulding I drew yesterday when we went out to eat.

That’s an old woman at the bottom of the steps with her cane and her booze spilled.

and a drawing I found on this internet that Shirow did of his studio:

I’m not sure how comfortable I am with those ass dents in his chair.
I guess this is what Locke was looking at when he drew his room.
Makes me wish I had a set up, I’m all over the globe these days. I guess that’s
proof that comics don’t take much materials. I mean there is the computer parts.
in the future I’ll need something like a dog with a scanner tied to his back.

I think lots about some future time when all my nearest and dearest live in the same spot.
Like the smurf village but less of a sausage party. Vanity smurf looks cool with it.
The smurf next to him seems sold on vanity too.

I like the smurf hanging out his window in this. He’s fucking breazy and into his own shit.
He is into my own shit smurf.—or maybe that smurf is in the out house.
The smurf house, the out smurf, the smurf smurf, smurf smurf smurf.
Complex foriegn language.

Also back when I was deep into digging up all I could about the new care bears.
(in order to defend humanity) I also ran across the revmps of Strawberry shortcake:

I’m much less emotionaly invested in this SS then Care bears.

but still.

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