I sink into the paper like I was ink.


It’s been a good week, I’ve just been drawing with some breaks for tetris and walks. Marian has achevied some disgustingly high level of badassery in the video game she’s playing. I think she’s already running the theives guild –Immpressive.

One of my favorite side effects of doing comic books is how much shit you have to learn to keep writing. Like this week I was comming up with some pastry puns and I found out that the Molotov in Molotov coctail was a real dude a Russian politician, Vyacheslav Molotov. Reminds me how my pal David told me that chauvinism was named after a Nicolas Chauvin and what an asshat you’d have to be to get that named after you. Personally all I’ve got is that time machine and those crackers.

Someone started a list of favorite top 12 comics. And I threw out 12. I rolled it around in my brain for a week and came up with the 12 most important books to me.

i mean it’s mostly the creators of the books that I’m thinking of.
Idealy the goal is to do books as good as these.

Anyway what about you dudes?

Speaking of comics, I picked up the Wolverine Saudade book that a couple of french dudes did for marvel.
I got it after reading this review.
The art is impressive. I dunno if it’s the translation or what but Wolverine keeps saying shit like
hoser and canuckehead. Maybe he says that shit all the time but it really cuts down any belief that he might be
a badass.

The thing that bugs me– there’s this HUGE MATURE CONTENT thing on the cover, inside the book people are getting shot in the face and dudes are shitting themselves as they die but  when Logan loses his clothes–
he’s got some crotch shadow or foreground object blocking it.  And it’s not like I’m dieing to see what his dick looks like (uncircumzised -because of the healingfactor) but why are people so into getting wolverine naked if you’re just going to pull some cheese dick crotch shadow shit.

He is seriously the only male character I can think of that they go out of the way to get naked.(aside from naked justice of course)
Marvel is so scared of dick. And that is why they’ll never let James Stokoe draw Galactus.

Also i ran into a site with a grip of Otomo art.
He’s so good.


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