This will be a good life…Good enough.

I’ve got until sunday to do a color 2 page spread of victorian style buildings growing out of the backs of dinosaurs walking through a radioactive wasteland. The rough pencils are the hardest part. After that it’s just fun and wiggeling a pen around listening to books on tape and rap “hold my coffee i have to do those hand gestures.”

14 pages to go.

I ran into this old comic that my lady did of her and her BFF that feels as good as life feels these days. I might’ve put it up here before, i don’t care it’s awesome.

Marian is my all time favorate.
Yesterday was all Pizza party at Claire’s place and that fine film “into the blue” The movie got paused to show me ass. I have no idea where anyone got the idea I was into that. I heard poop comes out of there, I hope it’s not true.

Making that top 12 comics list has got me re-reading a bunch of books on my shelf. I’m half way through Frank miller’s Dark Knight- I’m really into the way it’s written inside batmans life so everyone is Bruce, Clark, Selina . I thought catwoman was wonder woman until I was like 16. But it still works.
And the more nerd shit I learn the more it works.

I still feel like I should know who Bruno is–the woman with the T&A swaskitas and the Dolph lundgren hair in issue 3.
Man, 1980’s Frank Miller loved swastikas.

I also went through the Paul Pope batman again– There are few dudes who’s work gets me more excited than Pope but I honestly don’t understand that book.
And I feel weird talking shit –I mean I can’t do Heavy Liquid level comics.
But this batman It’s like years after the Miller dark knight but technology is like now but with flying cars and phones that look slightly different, and there’s even references to Millers book showing Bruce wayne batman old. Who the fuck is batman then? The big epiphany of the book is that he’s bruce wayne? But he’s young. none of that’s explained and Comissioner Gordon’s grandson is around looking and acting EXACTLY like him, AND Robin’s the same and Batman is the same, but instead of the batcave they just have some appartment they all hang out in. Like it’s a fucking parralel universe that’s history is Miller’s dark knight?
Shouldn’t they all have goatees?

I kept putting the book down as I was reading it like–“is he fucking with me on purpose?” Because I know he’s a better writer than that. I don’t know if it was just that he was under DC’s thumb on this book but it doesn’t seem to have any Pope in it.
10 years ago if he drew this it’d just be Robin and the blonde girl eating indian food and wine up on a rooftop–and it’d be gold.

But why is bruce wayne young again in the future?

Because I do think Pope on his game could contend with Miller but this..
I’m not mad I’m just hurt.


Here’s some tiny images from a Shirow book, or series of shorts he did awhile back in magazines called Neuro hard. This is all I could find.

From what I could figure out it’s a series of world building things that Shirow did with the intention of other people taking it and making stories in.

And also I ran into a site that has all the art from an awesome early Dragon ball art book on it.

I really don’t want to be all “i liked that band before it was big” about comics. Toriyama came back to his rad fun stuff after DBZ with sand land and all that. I’ve still got my breath held for what Pope does next.


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