The incarnation of what you do.

(the couch I slept on under David’s piece.)

Dicecat is dead long live Dicecat.
It’s the end of the place that me Corey and Jacob lived.
I imagine Corey and jacobs new capital hill spot will keep the name since the Dicecat painting will travel with them.
Plus its a good name for our loosely organized
but tight like brothers gang of dudes.

(That’s Marian’s drawing on the door and a sweet Pope poster to it’s left.
and my old desk on the right.)

My lady went down and got all my earthly possesions for me. So now I’m neck deep in comics.
I’ve got a 2 foot stack I haven’t read yet and everything from my formative comic book years.

I think I’ve reverted back to how I lived when I was 15. Maybe this is my natural state. reading comics all day and drawing all night with breaks for walks and Marian.

I just read the first 14 issues of Venus wars.
Yoshikazu Yasuhirko makes this shit look easy.
You can tell in some panels how fast he’s inking,
where the lines barely connect. But all the storytelling is spot on.

I was reading about how he was trained by Tezuka. Seems like Tezuka was
that rare kind of artist who rubbed off on other artists.

Here’s a self portrait and a photo of him–he really got his hair right.

I always amazed looking at the tiny little studios the manga dudes work in.
I guess I’m just used to moving around a lot.
I’ve got 3 spots I draw in in this house.

Another dude that worked under Tezuka, I’m getting into again is
Hisashi Sakaguchi.
I’ve been reading what issues I can find of his book Version.
I don’t even know if they finished translating it or if he died
before it was done. (1946-1995)

I think this book isn’t better known partly due to the shit covers Dark horse put on it when it came out in english.

Reading these dudes makes me feel like the ceiling of what can be done and how good you can get is Sooo high.

And here’s this Appleseed scene that I was always impressed by.
See how they’re talking on the grass and then he shows the ice cream cart
without them.
Then Deunan starts to get up from the grass and then without breaking the line of conversation they’re eating Ice cream.

And it tottally works.
Shirow is on some comic book science.
Anyway, my own stuff is going good.
I’m drawing a scene with lots of swords and action.
Here’s that 2 page spread from the next Multiple warheds that I mentioned last time. That’s Big Blue Nura on the bike.

That dosen’t spoil the exciting stuff.
I’m having fucking FUN with this book.

at the same time Marian is cranking out some amazing elephanmen pages.
6 pages into her second issue. All full 11 by 17 marker.

And on the reverting to my 15 year old self kick
I spent way too much of today looking at this Dirty pair site:

‘Cause lovely angels do dirty work or some shit.
I had a good dirty pair poster on my wall in those days.

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