Mad deep

Photo’s I ripped offa Claire’s flickerrr of me and my dear sweet lady.


I had the sad realazation today that aside from the short
anthology stuff this 2008 will pass without me having a new book out.

Especially since I’m sitting on 300 done pages, most of which haven’t been read by anyone that’s not my girlfriend. But next year… hopefully the first day of the new year the dam will break. Plus all the Marian Churchland, James Stokoe, Corey Lewis, Marley Zarcone shit just waiting to be printed. It’ll be like Pompeii, where dudes going into comic stores get hit by all those new books and are found by archaeologists 1700 years later in the same pose.

Comix takes some monk like patience.

But anyway, enough of all that. I’ve been drawing lots and reading lots of porn manga.
Type your cut contents here.

Bondage Fairies is good. And I don’t even mean in a comics you read with one hand way.
But just for good fun ideas. It’s kind of weird how he draws real dicks on all the insects and lobsters. rapist lobsters. It’s kind of freeing to only have sex to draw to play with what can be done on a page.

David used to talk about how comics was the best kind of porn because unlike other kinds there is no crying teenage girl involved. It’s just the creep that wants to draw it and the creep that wants to read it.

I have theories on how drawing porn takes a different comics science thn regular comics. Everything has to be closer/ bigger panels and facial expressions are king.

Years ago I’d look at Buttman magazine whenever I needed really good back teeth facial expression reference even for non porn.

I was also re-reading Maka maka wich is all over this internet.

I don’t know why no publisher has put this book out in english.

I like thes MakaMaka panels. Such good facial expressions.
That mouth on the top right..
It’s like porn science even when everyone has their pants on.

I’ve been trying to dig up this Dojin by Newmen the dude that drew Secret Plot, where he
draws Shirow’s Puma sisters.

There’s a great a part of Secret plot I always think of where a building in the background has an arrow pointing to it and the charactrs are like "you want to go check out that goverment base" Then the next panel is black with text how the scene was removed for security reasons. –nothing to do with the plot just Newmen playing around. Fun, like comics are supposed to be.

Tottaly unrelated here’s a page I liked a lot from a manga called Sex–that has no sex in it.

and here’s a drawing they printed in an old issue of that horrible Cosmopolitan magazine of
5th element’s LeeLoo’s costume design.

and a site with a bunch of good Moebius stuff
Multiple warheadz is going good. I’m drawing sword fights for the first time.
I don’t want to be like it’s the hardest scene ever since it’s not done and it could turn out like crap. But if all goes as planned it’ll be one of the most complex things I’ve pulled off on paper.

We’ve run away from civalazation and I’m in the woods until I get the whole thing sent off to Oni.

Here’s some RAKIM.

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