omega man 7

Such an 80’s comic password “the beyonder, blackbelthamsterInferno”
“Let me in.”

I’m deep in the island with my misses drawing all day.
Here’s some photoshop over a photo of her.

sorry about that.

Something I’ve found disappointing is how creators don’t just do more awesome work
as soon as they get to a level of fame and wealth where they don’t have to sweat it.
That’s why I’m so impressed with Otomo and Terada. 2 dudes that probly never have to work again and they go to Italy and put out an art book about the bike races.
I like the idea of that and the work looks good too.

Here’s some of the Otomo drawings from it:

more here:

I don’t know why this isn’t the norm for creators.
Why aren’t there new books out by every dude that ever made a million off of comics? just drawing whatever the fuck they feel like. If they didn’t want to make books why’d they start?

These Romans are crazy.

Anyway, I’ve been reading some good books.
I finally read through most of the Omega the unknown books that my pal Farel(the nicest guy in comics) did with Jonathan Lethem. I’m on issue 7 and it’s really good.

I’m always really wary when anyone who I know is a good writer by themselves works off of a script that DC or Marvel sets up. the mix of these 2 dudes in Omega works so well. Also I was thrilled that it’s set in Inwood, a neiborhood I lived in in nyc. It feels more like NYC than any other superhero book I can think of.

Here’s a couple panels I really liked:

I need to get the collection of it.
soon as I get back to civilization. I only brought up to #7 out here and it ends on a cliffhanger. raaa!

Here’s an old André Juillard poster for a french comic show in Angoulême

I think it’s all the books that were big that year (97 i think).
but I’m thrilled that Jill Biskopt from the Woman trap and the Waters of deadmoon midget is in there. I love seeing my favorite artists drawing my other favorite dudes characters.
I’m kicking around a drawing in the spirit of this.

Now Claire just got here with bags of food and the scorpion king duuce.
Later she’s going to read web comics to me and Marian in funny voices and
it will be the best thing ever.

This is how the upcoming weekend will go:

Claire on the left and Marian in a tit shirt and Dogs.

I’m so close to done on Multiple warheads. It’ll start again with #1 even though it’s the follow up to The fall that came out a year ago.

Maian is drawing faster than me on her 2nd Elephantmen issue.
And then next month I’m going to finish King city2.
But I’m not talking about that yet….

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