Comic book monster


I was supposed to leave the island and return to Vancouver last night but Marian’s car hates picking people up at the airport so our pal had to take a cab and I’m still here.

It’s been a good month of solid drawing. I finished this this morning:

That’s Case and Molly on the sprawl from William Gibson’s Neuromancer.
I love that book so much.

I’ve been really into the sprawl books lately and I got asked to do something for an art book
based on american impressions of Neo tokyo images, so I drew Neuromancer. Whenever I’m really impressed by something I want to do big drawings of it and mostly only get to draw some rough sketches. I really wanted to show Molly without her looking like a Matrix nerd.

While looking up stuff in the vein of Neuromancer I ran into an awesome page of space colony art from the 70’s. Here’s an O’Neill cylinder on some Freeside/straylight ish:

and more here:
Adam Warren had one of these in his Dirty pair Plague of angels book.
Along with some personality constructs. I need to read that when I get back to
my distant home.

I finally managed to dig up scans of Shirow’s Neuro hard. I hope it makes it to english someday.

I really like this vat of aliens panel.
"oh, hey guys"

And here’s a cool appleseed thing I hadn’t seen before. I don’t even know if shirow drew this.
Briaereos looks like a dude in a Briaereos suit.

The Appleseed logo is so good. When I was a kid all my comic names were some varition of ripping off that and dragonball. dragonseed?
Anyway, as good as it is that those books are still in print I don’t understand why they ditched such a good logo.
If you’ll indulge me I’d like demonstrate the differences using my conan scale.
(here’s the guide to the scale)
the old origonal(i assume) japanese logo and almost as awesome (I might deduct swords for the loss of that circle apple) english version—

and the current one:

I’m so excited about this next year in comics for me and on some nerd level it’s because it’ll be the first time I’ll get my own drawn logos on my own books since Pillow fight.
I gave my ok on the Multiple warheads one but in retrospect I wish I’d kept the one I’d drawn originaly and the King city one was just them trying to get it to look as much like the grand theft auto logo as posible. I don’t even play that game–If they’d done something in a crash bandacoot at least there’d be a connection. X-tream marsupial.

The new multiple warheads is pretty much done. I’ll throw the cover up here in a week or 2
It won’t be out for a bit since I’m trying do get a couple issues ahead. I’m really happy with it and it was so much fucking work.

I’m always warry whenever anyone is too happy about comics making a book that you’re proud of will make you shake your fist at god somedays, "crom laughs at your ink on paper." But mostly it’s a good time.


I dug up this test page to try out my lettering on Marian’s 140 page Beast book.
It’s the untoned version.

and then just fucking around I put the baloons over a weird scene from zoobilee zoo,
the anthophomorphic musical that plagued my childhood

It’s from a disturbing scene where a racoon in a wheelchair is begging to be hit in the face with a pie. That was a bizare show to inflict on my childhood.

I still want that kangaroo girl from zz (Mouse from Reboot) with the passion of 1000 suns.

I’m such a furry!

I’m so confused…

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