Sea you next tuesday

Hello dudes,

I’ve been coloring all week.
I’m real happy with this new Multiple warheads.
Some days I can’t even believe it that I get to do this shit all day everyday.
I mean I bitch and complain like no one else but let’s not dwell on that.

Here’s a scraped thing I did on a whim one morning. I was going to put it in a book
but it’s kind of dumb and I thought of something better to go in its place.

The fox is based of off my pal Doug at Oni.

And here’s another thing I did one morning before starting pages:

It was for Mike Vega–there’s a nod to his and Diana Sprinkle’s book Saiko and Lavender in the form of a pigmy elephant in there.

The big news this week is that me and my old Meathaus friend Tom Herpich
started a back and forth blog called Posh spies.
It’s kind of an invention exchange.
Here’s my first entry that my pal Claire helped me come up with.
Wind up tea–

And unrelated to anything here’s an SD Ultraman comic that I scanned from an old manga.

Story of my life.

And some Merle Haggard. I always think of that scene in Sin city where Marv is
taking Dwight to old town while he bleeds and Marv is taking about Merle.

Things I learned in a hobo jungle–

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