I remain up in the lab.


I just turned 32.
On my birthday I worked all morning finishing the coloring on the back cover for my next multiple warheads and then made this x mas card for the good folks at electrotank

Those are characters from a golf game they make.

I got a new coat and then ate expensive indian food and drove around with Marian and Claire listening to the cure. What is good in life?

Today I made this new entry for Posh spies

It’s a snack robot. When snaking is outlawed only outlaws will snack!

I was reading about 08 being a bad year for comics. I like to think that’s true
but it’s might be like hoping a party you couldn’t attend wasn’t that great.

I was remembering when I was aways excited to hit up a comic store when I was getting the mulehide Poison elves and black and white Gold digger and a dirty pair and Twilight-X  series whenever they hit. I hope that regular excitement comes back for me.
I’m going to try to do my part. Scouts honor.
Graphic novels are cool and book stores carry them and all but I like comic books best. Unfortunatly I think this internet killed the need for a letters collum.

Lately I’ve been reading the Savage sword reprint books and Adam Warren’s Empowered. Those books are so entertaning. Warren is like jesus how he came back to making great comics again after writing gen 13. ( I can’t talk too much shit I found an old gen 13 pitch I started back then but never sent in)

I’ve also been looking at some old manga books. Back in 91 (i think I was 15) a friend of my moms gave her a box of girls manga to pass on to me called MIMI.
Mt favorate Mimi story is by mayumi yoshida, called We are not alone.
I studied the shit out of these books and I still do.

She always does these rad flat screentones with just a couple highlights.

The kind of stuff in these books is on some crazy girls comic science that I’ve yet to fully
crack. One of the main things I lerned from girls manga is how panlels are used to draw out time.
Like how the bottom left of this has the girls full body split by 2 panels.

Another thing I got from these was how much she draws feet.
When I got these I was deep into the surface of manga and focusing everything on eyes and faces so seeing how
much story she did with just feet was amazing.

And while I was scanning these I ran into an old issue of Young magazine (same magazine that ran Akira, 3×3 eyes and Dragon head) with this story about a pig hooker.
I like how much story is conveyed in this page. I have no idea why this wasn’t in understanding comics–
This is one of the nicer pages. and by nice  mean less giant  horse dick.

Hey salor.

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