selling the movement


A drawing based of of an impressive short story my pal Claire wrote.
You can read it here:

I’ve been really into looking at cutaway drawings.
Like this.

There’s a Hemmingway line that I always misquote about how when writing you should first start with something true. I think about that in comics a lot. When I was a teenager I’d read Kenichi Sonada’s Gunsmith cats comics and they always had real shoes on. So seeing a crazy gun fight in Converse all stars made the whole thing feel more grounded. Ya knaw?

I think cutaways can operate on that same comics science. plus I’m always excited about being able to draw puzzle diagrams in my pages.

Check out this secret base.

Makes me think from ground level that it’d just look like a 7-11 in the desert.
GODAMN I need an underground base!
–I would need a floor that was just a jungle full of dinosaurs.
–a floor where I build lazers.
–lazer dinosaur floor.
–slip and slide floor.
and maybe and arena of sport?

Think of that as my x mas list.

This one’s pretty rad too

And Robotech up in this bitch.

Aside from that my schedule is all fucked up again.
Whenever I have any deadlines I push it later and later and now I’m eating breakfast
while the sun’s down. I think Marian is out buying santa hats or something.

Here’s a quick Avengers emma peel drawing.
I don’t know if I like it but here it is.

And the fine intro to that fine show.
I remember my big brother redrew a couple of the shots from this and
it was the coolest thing in the world to me.

And here’s Steed reading Tintin

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